Model Contests

Attending a NASG National Convention can be very rewarding if one enters a creation in the Model Competition.  Judges will review the work and trophies, certificates and ribbons are presented to the winners.  See below for information.

Jamie Bothwell's Greeley's Place Contest

Jamie Bothwell's  2019 NASG Convention special event "Greeley's Place Contest" offers up the following challenge. Detail an S-scale passenger car using details from Pre-Size Model Specialties. You can use details from other companies also, but you must have at least one part from Pre-Size Model Specialties to be eligible for prizes. Be prepared to point out your part or parts. As has become custom, you will receive a $5 entry honorarium, and our panel of esteemed judges will select winners for further cash prizes. You may enter as many cars as you like, but you will only get one honorarium.

Pre-Size Model Specialties WEB site

Contest Files

Below is a listing of files for entering of Convention Modeling Contests.  The first file is a summary of the rules, the second file is a more detail review of the contest rules.  The third file is the registration form to enter the convention contest.  Click on the title of the document to view (PDF viewer required).  To download the file, click on the download button.