NASG Convention Registration

Take advantage of lower registration fees by registering early!  Register before March 1, 2019 and pay the early registration fee.  Register between March 1 and June 15 and pay the regular registration fee.  After June 15, the late registration fee applies.  DO NOT MAIL registration form after July 13 or the registration may not be processed in time for the convention.  Registration form can be downloaded by clicking on the download button below.

Dealer Registrations

Folks who desire to have a table (or more) at the convention need to submit the Dealer registration form.  These forms will be processed in the order received.  Please submit early to guarantee table availability.   The Dealer Registration Form can be found in the download button section below. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Dealers must also submit the NASG Convention Registration Form and pay appropriate fees.  Dealers do not need to be NASG members therefore the NASG Membership number or fee for NASG membership is NOT required.